Lighten up your online chats with Peachy

Getting bored of the overused emojis? Enter kaomojis into any Mac app now, Slack-style! (★^O^★)

Peachy requires macOS 11.0 or later. Apple Silicon supported.
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Easy Access

Open Peachy from any Mac app with your preferred trigger key.
Simply enter the trigger key following a keyword, Peachy will show you a list of matching kaomojis ready to be selected.


Convenient Browser

Need inspirations?
Browse through more than 1000 kaomojis and find your favorites.

Browser Window

Fully Customizable

Switch to another trigger key or limit access to certain apps easily through the Preferences pane.

General Preferences Window App Exclusions Window

Open Source

Source code is open to public.
Feel free to contribute to Peachy's greatness!

Github Logo

Frequently asked questions

What is a trigger key? Can I change it?

Trigger key signals the start of a keyword for searching kaomojis. With double trigger key enabled, you can start searching kaomojis by entering the key twice.
You can update your trigger key in Peachy's Preferences pane. Keep your key unique with a single special character or a punctuation mark.

I open Peachy and nothing shows up.

Peachy is a menu bar app, you can find it as a peach icon on the menu bar of your machine.
Can't find it? When the menu bar has no space left, macOS hides overflowing items. Try quitting some other menu bar apps.

Why is this free without ads?

I love making apps. Share Peachy with your friends! If you're feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee/cocktail here.

Do you track usage data in this app?

No data is tracked in Peachy. You can even disable crash reports if you prefer, but I need them to monitor and improve the app performance.

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